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Your Featured Status + April Winners
The winners of our April prize drawing has been announced at http://www.globalfight.com/freewrestlingshirt.htm

PLUS we are pleased to announce a NEW FEATURED program on the main pages of GlobalFight and Personals! a new row of thumbnails titled VOTED BEST THIS WEEK displays the top 8 profiles of the week.

The NEW VOTED BEST THIS WEEK thumbnails are chosen based on the following tally of points. 1 point for each time your profile is VIEWED. 5 points for each time someone VOTES FOR YOU 2 points each time someone VIEWS ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS The top 8 profiles are chosen new each night at midnight based on the previous 7 days totals. Want to better your chances of getting displayed as a VOTED BEST THIS WEEK profile? Post a clear exciting main profile photo. Add a new photo to your gallery atleast every couple weeks. Add a video between 1-10 minutes in length every month to your profile. Pick a good chat room icon (choose it in your profile settings) and pop into chat atleast once a day for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Article expires: 2019-04-1912623

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