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sweatnosisSF Male 53 Gay Play In Gear
I'm mostly looking for mutual, fully clothed fun with fellow gear fetishists. Not looking for sex, per se, but intimacy on the level of full body contact, wrestling, kissing, pit licking, boot or muscle worship, and J/O is cool. Definitely up for just chatting with kindred spirits. I'm more interested in conversations about our kinks, true personal stories, networking, that kind of thing, than I am in 'what would you do to me?' fantasy wanks. Roleplaying in gear is hot. Casual dom/sub scenes and geared up bondage are fun, and I LOVE roughhousing in protective gear, but I'm not into Master/slave roles. If your fetish play *always* revolves around demonstrating your control, or me mine, we're not a great match. Ideally looking for a fetish perv like me, who can focus mainly on our gear. That said, I can get pretty aggro in the right gear. I own street & sport bike leathers, leather gloves, jeans, sense dep hood, and a few restraints; latex top & shorts, several gas masks, skinhead MA-1 & Harrington jackets, braces, Fred Perrys and the rest; full US Army woodland camo BDU, football, hockey, wrestling, and soccer uniforms; jocks/cups/compression shorts, Carhartt/hunting/work clothes; gym gear from slick nylon UA compression to Adidas trackies; sweaty sneakers (& cleats!), lots of boots. I fucking LOVE BOOTS. I'm into more - almost any masculine gear that gets used hard, or polished shiny, or smells of leather & sweat (or motor oil, gunpowder, sawdust, pool chlorine...). Wearing another guy's gear is hot! I lean toward practical gear, especially protective gear, but I can usually get off on your gear kinks too. I don't have grimy mechanic or hi-viz gear, cowboy, firefighter, industrial rubber, baseball, lacrosse, wet or dry suits, MX, MMA, SWAT, or riot cop/tactical gear, to name a few, but I'd love to play with you in yours. Try me. I'd like to find someone who's up for mutual boot worship play; someone more into the boots than the domination. Paying homage to a guy's hot boots doesn't make me feel submissive - I can get downright aggressive about it. ;) Leather, muscle, & sweaty pit worship too. Though honestly, I'll eat some pride to get at a hot pair of boots, or any of that, if that's what it takes. Wanna roughhouse in pads/protective gear/uniforms with me? Get hot and sweaty, maybe work out together, and enjoy each other's sweaty sneakers, socks, and clothes (and pits). Take turns fully geared up and fighting to get free of each other's bondage. I'm open to lots of kinds of role-play in gear, even full on identity transformation hypnosis play if you're a serious hypnotist (sadly I'm not). 5'8', 176, size 8 US boots. I can host or drive. Married; he's not into this stuff and wants me to explore without him, but I really enjoy his company. ;) So I can meet you for beverages and mutual recon, or casual social stuff whenever it fits our schedules (with or without my husband), but I'm not likely to do any extensive hooking up outside of weekday afternoons. We're both hockey, punk rock, and sci-fi fans. It'd be nice to have gear buddies to just hang with, too. I think it'd be cool to just watch a game in gear with other gearheads. And we're always looking to find more punks and non-racist skins who go to shows.
San Francisco California

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