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Howdy from Spurmarks
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spurmarks Male 64 Gay Shoes/Boots Buddy
Lifelong fetish for all things cowboy - especially spurs! Have over 400 pairs of spurs, at least 80 pairs of cowboy boots and tons of chaps, saddles, quirts, bits, headstalls and bridles, belts, vests, Wranglers, hats, and two horses to use this arsenal on. Enjoy mansmells and ponyboy/horsie scenes with me as your horse! Love to feel a man on my back in the saddle in full gear who knows how to USE it... Not into much role-playing or S/M unless it involves horse tack and cowboy gear. The aromas of man, horse and leather make an intoxicating combination. Saddled Up, Spurmarks (Jim)
Dallas Texas

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