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Bondage, ball/nipple torture, humiliation, domination of hotties in speedos!
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lowblow2myspeedo Male 32 Other Play In Gear
Just a guy really interested in speedo wrestling- young muscular hunks in speedos destroying and dominating each other, especially with bearhugs, camel clutches, and definitely ball-claws. Love to see heroes in speedos getting abused. Not in the greatest shape myself (picture's old), but once I'm fit to trim me and my speedos will be out on the market, so to speak. My biggest fantasy is a young handsome straight musclehunk in posers or a speedo bikini, outnumbered and laid low by treachery (aka low blows), then destroyed with ball attacks, bearhugs, and camel clutches. At the very end, he is forcibly jerked off while still only wearing that speedo. Once I'm back in shape, maybe that'll be me; in the meantime would love to see that/do that to another muscular guy in speedos. Want to learn how to wrestle better, am not here for sex- that being said, would love to incorporate ball/nipple torture and teasing, and some jacking off/sucking off as part of the game. All work and no play=lame. :) In Pittsburgh now, but go back to St. Louis a few times, more often to Chicago area.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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