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Horned up Guys who like to play in jockstraps, leather, and more...
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jerseyguyz6 Male 48 Gay Play In Gear
Mild to Wild would best describe me. Have you ever seen all sorts of sexy gear worn by those pornstars in some of today's best films out there? Well, I find it hot when a guy is just in a jockstrap with a cockring and perhaps a harness. Sometimes, it depends on the brand and style of the jockstrap, i.e. Nasty Pig comes to mind. Other times, if I feel piggy enough, I may want to have leather chaps on with a leather jockstrap, cod piece, and metal cockring along with a harness and perhaps an arm band. It's all in the mood that comes to mind. So, that's sort of what I'm after as well - others who are like-minded and can dress in gear as something quite sexy to add to our experience.
Jersey City New Jersey

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