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Seattle area horny gearhead looking for hot lycra men
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chris_in_seattle Male 34 Gay Play In Gear
Hi, thanks for stopping by and reading. I am a very kinky person with a gigantic list of fetishes and naughty things I like to do. Mind you I am signing up for this site because I specifically have a lycra fetish and that being what I mostly want from meeting you (so if there is something on the following list that scares you, just ignore it, you don't have to do it). Ok, Flogging, Single tailing, Caining, Punching, Cbt, Bondage, Mummification, Suspension, Electro, Sounding, Fisting, Sensation play, Knife play, Piercing, wrestling. If there is something missing that you are into, feel free to ask. But there is always the chance that I want to spend an evening buried in your lycra clad crotch. I don't play without meeting in person first. I am disease free and plan on staying that way.
Burien Washington

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