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WRSTLEMYMTN2007 Male 44 Gay Gear Modeling Work
CALLING ALL HOT BEAR MEN! :) I am 33 brown hair, blue eyes, moderately hairy, muscular, stocky football players build. tan, with all the GR8T! accessories. I love to do all things outside such as camping, fishing, hiking, bowling, basketball, softball, and of course FOOTBALL, bears, hot sex, and good times with people. I love making new friends and hanging out with them. I am a very sane person and expect the same, HIV - here and plan on keeping it that way. I support all of our fellows in the gay community with HIV and beleive that we all can do more to help in AIDS fundraising and research. Have a great day! & be all you can be everyday for we never know when it could be our last! :) hugs & kisses! PEACE! joey
Conway Arkansas

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