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TieGuyUK Male 43 Gay Bondage Slave
I'm safe, sane and experienced and most importantly I LOVE tying lads up and teasing the fuck out of them. Not really into roleplay as such and I'm not keen on being called 'Sir'. I like real bondage and real lads so I'm not interested in leather chaps and all that shit. One thing I hate is stereotyping. Gimme a lad in jeans and tee, footie kit or straight from the office any day. My homepage says a lot more about me than I could put on here so probably best if you check that out. The link is on my profile. I'm not just here for meets. Chatting to like minded lads is great too but I really don't have the patience for lads that message me with lines like 'What would you do to me if I were there now?'. I'm not into cyber and I'm not here to get you off while you sit at your pc and have a wank so please don't expect me to! If you just want to chat that's fine but don't pretend you want to meet me just because you're horny. Message me if you like what you see and you wanna join the other lads on my site, or even just to say hi. I'm not that scary.... well, not on a first meet ;-) I'm the guy in the main pic. Rest are subs I've roped up.
Gillingham United Kingdom

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