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Just me in my PVC outfit!
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Strapples Male 26 Bisexual Play In Gear
I am a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome and Autism. I don't let my disabilities get in the way of my fun even though they do make things... Interesting. Having a tracheostomy makes breath play a bit different, it adds a second layer of safety. Heres a big list of my turn ons, theres probably more so hit me up! I am able to walk short distances, otherwise I use a powered wheelchair (with plenty of straps) My kinks are straps, blood pressure cuffs (inflatable gear), intense heat, mummification, tight and hot places and clothing, tight hugs, lead aprons, latex, pvc, rubber, silky, neoprene, nylon, rubberized nylon, leather, spandex, singlets, uniforms, sports gear, mud, clay, quicksand, breathplay, split/slobber/drool, fat people their hugs and being smothered by them, down clothing, wet clothing, sweaty skin, sweat in general, wheelchair harnesses / straps, restraints and lots more... just chat with me. Bondage too DUH. I have some gear, latex tank top and pants, yellow pvc rainjacket and rainbibs, 3 pairs of pvc pants, tight pair of PVC shorts, PVC catsuit, blue transparent PVC raincoat (huge hood, good for breathplay games) some leather collars, lots of leather belts and neoprene belts, 3 leather jackets, i have quite a bit of very basic gear. Looking to expand my gear. But that's what I have for now, always love playing with other people's gear. The idea of putting on another guy's rubber or clothing after they have worn it and it is sweaty is hot to me. Absolutely no anal sex, willing to do oral if the guy is right for me and is healthy Ages 18 and up. I don't care how old you are, if you want to play with me send me a message. If you want to just have a chat about gear, send me a message. If your looking for an internet buddy, send me a message!
Palatine Illinois

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