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SquirmMan Serious. Foreal. Gen-u-ine, Ready
username sex age sexual seeking
SquirmMan Male 68 Gay Play In Gear
Man of Color perfered. As Master: Bondage, Discipline, PROTOCOL as sub/slave looking to eXist In Gear 24/7 - including day to day public display and live to squirm for Master's enjoyment anytime, anywhere. The quest is for 24/7 LTR whichever comes first although it could be both depending on YOUR desire/s. Retired, Ready, Xperienced. HIV- but HIV ok. The code: TIGHT IS RIGHT; TIGHTER IS RIGHTER in e-v-e-r-y-way. Whatever it is, it's about Living It; Loving' It and each other in our respective roles... Love to train. Up for eXtremes.
Clearlake California

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