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I like to kiss, lick skin,
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Speedobear1 Male 57 Gay Pool H20 Buddies
I like to kiss, lick skin, tongue pits, chew tits, suck cock, mouth balls, eat ass. Condomed fucking, jockstraps, speedos, leather, rope, clamps, floggers, blindfolds, gags, cigars, wax, roleplay, fisting, teaming up on a bottom, small groups Prefer older, furry, brawny; open to all. Sometimes 'now', usually 'later'. Vague, non-responsive answers lose my interest fast I assume everybody's poz, and play accordingly. I don't discriminate based on status; preference is fine, prejudice is not. Well-endowed and use it well, but more than just a dildo. 'Great cock!' ain't always the compliment you think it is.
New York New York

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