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Spandex_gearsub Male 49 Gay Power Exchange Buddy
Hi! I'm a lycra - SPANDEX loving SUBMISSIVE. 'S & M' - (Masochist - Slave- man! I'm 6'1' - 34 inch waist - 210 muscular lbs. -athletic - 47 y.o - masculine acting gay man. I AM SEEKING A VERY Dominant Top - Masterboy - stud; under 35 yrs. Old; athletic, with flat or six pack tummy: into an older than Him T.P.E. - (total power exchange) - Super Submissive - S & M Masochist Slave! I am very Super Submissive, and also Sexually Passive & Super Submissive slso! I'm Sexually Passive both orally & anally! Totally PASSIVE - SUBMISSIVE, sexually, YOUNG SIRS! And Completely Passive - Submissive in 'S & M' type Domination also! I AM A NATURAL BORN SUBMISSIVE - PASSIVE, so it comes easily and naturally for me to BE SUBMISSIVE and PASSIVE in ALL THINGS! It is ust THE WAY I AM, SIRS! I was BORN SUBMISSIVE & BORN PASSIVE SEXUALLY. ....SO I SEEK A DOMINANT - Aggressive Master- (Lover?) - to be my MASTER AND EVENTUALLY BE MY OWNER - CONTROLLER!
Los Angeles California

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