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Serious Superhero Role Play with costumes, props and location.
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PHASE Male 40 Straight Play In Gear
Remember playing Super Heros when you were young? Remember how you planned the plot out and acted everything out...including everyone's specific super powers? I have a few guys I play with and we are very serious about super hero role play. For the most part, we have all created our own unique characters and developed our story-lines and powers. I am PHASE, and I can change from solid to liquid to gas. Buddies of mine are KINETIC, TICK-TOCK & others role-play heros like Superman, Wolverine, etc. We have access to a warehouse with an office, 'trap door', industrial fixtures, switchboards and a water feature. The office is furnished and could be used as HQ for the Villain or Hero. A door at the back of the office opens to a spiral staircase down to the warehouse. This door can and has been disguised as a 'secret entrance' before. The 'trap door' has a 6 foot drop to foam rubber and the water feature is a chest-high vat with a 4 ft. tunnel that drains to an area outside with a privacy fence around it. There's more and, as you can imagine, the possibilities for story-lines are endless. Only contact me only if you are serious about super hero role play. We are all safe and sane professionals in real life. We do rough house and wrestle , but there is no serious pain or bruises/marks at all. We mostly focus on roleplaying our superpowers with each other. TICK-TOCK can stop, rewind or fast-forward time. KENETIC can move objects. etc. We are mixed straight, bi, gay and vary in age and race. Many of our scenes include light bondage, nudity, forced stripping, forced ejaculation and, rarely, sex. We have not found any women that will join us, but we we would be very open to that.
Columbus Ohio

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