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fran├žais/english languages. Educated, friendly and playfull
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Manhomme Male 58 Gay Play In Gear
fran├žais/english languages. Educated, friendly and playfull man. Enjoy playing in gears of all kinds. Gears that i've been into include swim suits, underwears, jocks, leather harnes'n chaps, other leather gears, boots, rainsuit, sports gears'n suits, cowboy outfits, lycra, spandex, mecanic suit, construction worker, farmer , police, dressed up'n tie , gloves, socks, dressed shoes, thorn jeans'n shirts..... Interested in wresling'n boxing gears, snowmobile outfit, biking outfit, heros outfit, transh, raunchy, mud, hardware kinks..... SM|CBT give, dominative. Stomp. trambling, mud, dirt, oil are all fun. Can host in rural context. Sud du Quebec. Canada. Enjoy from rough to mild , assplay, educated, good kisser.
Montreal Quebec

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