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Into jocks, speedos, cockrings, mild kink
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BigBlkMuscle Male 46 Bisexual Play In Gear
I am looking for some a bud or two who is into wrestling gear and jock straps. I have several singlets and a small collection of colored jocks. I lift 5 to 6 times weekly and I love to flex and pose and want to find a regular bud or maybe guys are in town and want to compare muscle. Currenly I am 6'2 300 with a powerlifters build--big and beefy with a belly-I have a size 38 waist, 23 inch guns, 52 inch chest, and 7x6 cut cock. I enjoy hanging out at my apartment naked (as I live alone). If any of this sounds interesting hit me up so we can meet for coffee and if we click find a place where we can strip down and share our interest.
West Palm Beach Florida

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