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BeefyButtMunch Male 52 Gay Sex with no commitment
I'm looking for masculine big beefy man's man type gear guys, for some mild to wild fun. I'm also open to smaller framed and younger guys, especially for dad/son and coach/athlete roll play as well. I have a athletic gear and under gear fetish especially jockstraps, and gym stuff, but I am a horn-ball for all sports gear-- anything athletic and related either worn individually, or collectively like a kit or uniform as assigned by a team and worn by all squad members, head to toe. From baseball caps all the way down to athletic socks and footwear and everything in-between, I am nuts for it. I also like some kink and exploring fantasies and my inner pig and really get into helping you explore your interests in any or all of the aforementioned. I am a very clean, disease free, masculine and a very discreet even keeled guy, am 5'10' tall, weigh 205 lbs, and have a 34' waist with a bit of a belly. I have hazel eyes, and a buzzed bald head and s p goatee, moderately hairy beefy chest and forearms, and pretty smooth beefy round butt and legs. Sexually I am versatile, and get into both top or bottom horseplay, giving and getting, depending upon chemistry. I love kissing/making out, licking, sucking, and massaging a guy everywhere, head to toe, front and back. Rimming, butt play, and butt fucking, really turn me on too. I am also into role play, dad/son, bro/bro, coach/athlete and open to get into other scenarios. I am an open-minded, party friendly, normal, intelligent, perceptive, and an easy going good guy with a good sense of humor, and I am very discreet and respectful of privacy. If you are similarly wired and are a masculine, clean, and preferably a big beefy guy into mild to wild, then this beefybuttmunch wants to get to know you, so by all means please contact me, and let's get to know one another and have some hot fun. I'm interested in hearing from local guys to the Boston, MA, NH, RI regional areas, and those that are visiting the area, ONLY, please.
Boston massachusetts

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