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Quick.... to the BATpole !!!
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Batman518 Male 50 Gay
LEATHER/RUBBER, HOODS/Masks,TALL BOOTS, Lycra/Spandex GLOVES!!! I've got a nice collection of Hoods & Masks, Gloves & Boots, Leather & Restraints and misc. gear, including electro BATprobes. Bondage/roleplay (do you wanna be tied with the BATrope??... restrained with the BATcuffs BATMAN is a (Dom) Top, I can be submissive on rare occasions (only twice in my life with a long time bf)... but NEVER a bottom - Likes 1-on-1 with other men in gear. No Groups... No Open Relationships! I don't like to share! Looking for a sub guy sexually with a personality and mind of his own outside of sex, who likes to be in Leather, Boots, Hoods, Gloves, Superhero, Motorcycle, etc. I own lots of leather gear and four BATsuits and a full leather/rubber Boy Wonder (O'Donnel) costume. Wanna be the BATboy? I'm passionate, I'm a GREAT kisser and like lip-to-lip, tongue-to-tongue action... if you're not into it... we're not a match. I have a wide range of types. I'm more interested in a 'whole package.' 6'2' - Shaved/Blue - Single - HIV Neg. - Always SAFE!!! Single -- LTR Oriented -- But havin' fun while searching! If you're lookin' for the long term: I'm a personable, intelligent Professional. Passionate and serious about a relationship. My business requires I be on the social circuit often and expect a partner to be at my side. Love music & working on the house. Outdoor activities, especially in the winter. Swimming, hiking, not into camping (too much into creature comforts). I'm big into dining out and trying new cusines, love to cook and throw parties. Want that sidekick/partner at my side.
Clear Lake Shores Texas

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