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Dom-Sub roleplay in minimalist speedo's and Lthrtongs
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AMECANIC Male 45 Gay S&M/CBT Give
BSDM, wax, roleplay and exhibitionism in minimalist speedo's, tongs and leather with that is a good mix, no quickies and long sleasy sessions and MALEBONDING no fems! Wrestling and the winner takes all, very CBT oriented. Tie a MAN (said MAN no fems!) up afer a good DOM top wresting play and humiliate em with wrapping all his clothes off, cockring em and let's go UNESCEPABLE TIED UP BEGGING FOR MERCY HARDON , restraint & nuts and dick for my pleasure, forced milkings and electro, vacuumpump. ALWAY's RESPECT FOR STOP and am a KISSER! Fucking is optional, a man is not an ars ! ALL CAN SERVE! More agressive U are the better ! Proud to be gay as well that is my problem, outdoor with non adverted public I am Str8 acting. Safe and sane and love well endowed man who are able to squim a lot and hav gallons of precum !
Amsterdam Netherlands

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